Toddlers 2 – 3 Years

Toddlers are still in the process of discovering new things and are naturally curious. They are active, eager, and enjoy experimenting. They are beginning to learn new skills and are willing to increase their independence.

Toilet training is a significant step for children, and it can be challenging for some. Our Toddler room at Superheroes Early Learning Centre has nappy changing stations and toilets, and our educators will work with you to keep the same habits as at home.

Children develop at their own pace, with particular talents being learned far more quickly than others.

With assistance from educators who model acceptable behaviours and lavish praise, the youngsters are encouraged to build their growing independence.

Our curriculum at Superheroes Early Learning Centre will continue to incorporate engaging games, small group interactions, quiet time, and free play, as well as a variety of self-help activities like toileting, clothing, and taking care of personal possessions.

Many songs and activities will be included to encourage your child’s interest in basic concepts such as colours, shapes, numbers, and their own body.