Pre Kindy 3 – 4 Years

At this age, children develop swiftly in all areas and become self-sufficient and confident learners. They like conversing with their teachers and peers, and they use their growing language skills to resolve problems.

Their problem-solving and arithmetic abilities continue to improve, allowing kids to perform more complex tasks without the help of adults.

We encourage all of the children to form friendships, and we provide opportunities for them to spend time with siblings and younger children. This helps youngsters develop self-esteem while also teaching them the value of caring for and compassion for others. Superheroes Early Learning’s emergent curriculum allows children to choose things that interest them, with our professional educators monitoring them and creating engaging, stimulating programmes based on their observations.

For this age range, the following skills are available at Superheroes Early Learning Centre:

Art/Fine Motor Skillsa

Water, play dough, fingerprints, shaving cream, and other textures are all available for children to experiment with. Paint and paintbrushes, crayons and paper, chalk, and clay are among the materials they are exposed to. Simple and varying degrees of shaped puzzles (some with knobs on the pieces) are introduced to students, and materials are cycled to give variation. Some of the activities available are stacking blocks, ringing bells, solving puzzles, pouring, painting, pasting, and swinging. The development of a child’s small muscle coordination is aided by play.

Playing Physically Actively

Running, jumping, climbing, lifting, pedalling, reaching, hopping, dancing, skipping, rolling, and bending are just some of the activities that we encourage at Superheroes Early Learning Centre. The development of a child’s large-muscle coordination is aided by play. Daily outdoor activity (weather allowing) is required, with a minimum of 60 minutes of physically active play.