Nursery 0 – 2 Years

Our nursery program is a warm, caring environment to build the child’s knowledge of themselves and the world around them.

Routines are an essential part of a baby’s day, and Superheroes Early Learning Centre will consider each child’s development, requirements, and interests. All of your child’s daily routines, including feeding, bottles, and sleeping times, are continued at the centre to meet your family’s best needs. Our goal is to promote the child’s confidence and potential by fostering secure and caring interactions between educators and children.

Educators maintain high levels of hygiene and safety at all times.

Superheroes Early Learning’s high-quality programs emphasize sensory learning and development, which helps children prepare for future education.

Our hope is that by involving families in the Nursery program, you will feel safe and comfortable leaving your child in our care. Educators become aware of each child’s interests and developmental stage through regular observations. Educators can use this knowledge to give appropriate experiences that will further promote all areas of development (cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional). They will provide the babies with the time and space they require to explore their surroundings. As children gain more independence, they are encouraged to use creative play and explore their surroundings to improve their social skills and imagination.

One-year-olds are fascinated by learning new things about themselves and their surroundings. They start walking, speak, learn to listen, climb, investigate, and develop fine motor abilities. Ones are active and busy. They’re starting to build bonds with their peers and the people in their lives.

Educators will create knowledge about each child’s abilities, needs, and interests through observations and close collaboration with families, which will serve as the foundation for the room program and individual planning.

The educators in this class understand the value and necessity of patience, empathy, and firmness. They will provide various activities to help youngsters learn how to express themselves in suitable ways while also developing their social skills.

A range of exciting activities, small group interactions, quiet time, free-play, and solo discovery are all included in our programs. Your youngster will be surrounded by encouragement to further develop their self-confidence in a safe and secure atmosphere with our professional educators on board.