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Learning Caboolture

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Thanks so much for choosing Superheroes Early Learning- we cannot wait to meet you and welcome your child into our Superheroes family. 


Why Join Us?

Superheroes Early Learning comprises an early learning program that contains fun-filled, environment-friendly, and gentle communication. The way our centre functions has received a great deal of thought. We’ve highlighted just a few of Superheroes’ differences you and your children may notice.

Superheroes Early Learning Philosophy

To us, every child is a little Superhero. Each born with unique superpowers waiting to be discovered and developed over time. And, with the right Encouragement and Empowerment, our children will discover and develop their unique super power to Excel in life now & into a brighter future.

Our Intention, daily practice and commitment at Superheroes is crystal clear…

Through Inspired learning, language and play, we are committed to developing courageous and confident children, who go on to live enriched and purposeful lives.

The special ‘Superheroes’ cape every child receives as our gift is a powerful reminder that our kids are capable of being and becoming anyone they choose to be!

How We Make a Difference

You and your family are extremely important to us and we care deeply about ensuring your little Superhero or Superheroes are given the very best in care and early education available today.

Superheroes Early Learning is privately owned and operated which means we are present daily and you are not just treated like another number.

We are here to serve you and every child in our care and we can assure you our new state-of-the-art purpose built center along with our professional, caring educators easily meet every little Superheroes needs.

Here’s a snippet of what we offer at Superheroes!

Nursery, toddler, pre kindy & kindergarten classrooms.


Fresh nutritionist-approved meals.

Leading educational programmes led by skilled and experienced teachers.

Extracurricular activities.

Our Special Superheroes Community

We know our community will grow a little more wonderful each time a new family joins the Superhero family. That’s because we know for certain each child brings something unique and new to our center and into all of our lives. It is our true pleasure getting to know each little personality as they settle in and become part of the warm, friendly Superheroes family.

We welcome siblings, parents, grandparents and any other special ones to join our center and contribute in their unique way.

Connecting With Nature For Health and Wellbeing

Connecting with nature in some capacity on a daily basis truly does have an incredibly positive impact on our health and wellbeing in so many ways.

This is why we believe in instilling a love of nature, wonder and exploration in children from an early age.

Our mental health, our emotional health, our physical health and our Spiritual health depend on spending time with nature and discovering the wonders of our world.

Whether it’s playing and digging in the garden, growing plants from seedlings, building sandcastles, or stomping in the mud, the effect is enriching and long lasting.

Stimulating Programs and Cutting-Edge Facilities

Purposely built to ensure every child and family member feels a sense of belonging, Superheroes Early Learning has it all! Bright, spacious, beautifully equipped rooms. Well-planned exciting indoor play spaces and state of the art outdoor play areas that will stimulate the most curious and active growing minds.

With a modern, empowering approach to long day care and early years education, Superheroes offers a snug, friendly, safe and most importantly, fun for babies and children aged six weeks to six years.

Our Superheroes mascots Captain Courage and Captain Power remind us that each little Superhero can become who they wish to be as they grow and explore their own unique talents and superpowers within.

Our role is to ensure your child will gain a feeling of belonging, adventure, comfort, security and certainty as they form new friendships while engaging in enriching experiences.


Locally Sourced Delicious & Nutritious Food For
All Our Superheroes!

At Superheroes Early Learning Centre, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the house, and our service kitchens and skilled children’s cooks play an essential role. Our menus follow the guidelines set by Nutrition Australia. We provide home-cooked meals that meet half of a child’s daily dietary requirements. We respond to the nutritional demands of individual children and provide nutritious alternatives as needed.


The centre employs a certified cook in nutrition, menu planning, and safe food handling and guarantees that every meal served is nutritious and wholesome.