A Superheroes Education / Learning Environment

Educational Environments

Children’s wellbeing, creativity, and independence are enriched by the physical surroundings and learning places we create for them. Inside, we want to provide attractive, engaging, and clutter-free environments for children to explore. Ou centre contains quiet rooms, building and construction, dining areas, creative expression and arts, theatrical play, and other locations.

The National Quality Assurance Program

Superheroes Early Learning Centre uses the National Quality Framework (NQF) for early childhood education and care to ensure that our daycare programme best prepares your child for school. Early Learning Centres that follow the NQF have:

  • improved educator to child ratios in most services
  • enhanced individual care and attention for children
  • stronger support for children’s learning and development
  • educators with increased skills and qualifications
  • a method for grading educational and healthcare services

Emphasising Learning And Growth Through Uniquely Designed Environments

We emphasise play-based learning as one of the most important ways for children to learn and develop. Play helps a child’s imagination grow and creates a sense of adventure. They can learn essential skills like problem-solving, collaboration, and sharing as a result.

We wish to give every child that enters our centre the chance to develop a passion for learning and socialising. Curiosity and inventiveness are sparked by our bespoke design and carefully designed learning settings.

Curriculum & Learning Foundations

Our teaching teams follow the interests and ideas of the children when planning the curriculum. Future learning opportunities are presented in a way that inspires curiosity and interest in children. We help children build the confidence to explore their world and take safe risks through our extensions. Storypark, our online “learning community,” keeps track of the children’s progress. Families can participate in their child’s learning journey through Storypark, which increases and improves educational results for children. In the development of our children, our educators and families become co-learners.

Levels of Education of Our Educators

We only hire educators who are either qualified or in the process of obtaining a suitable qualification. Before starting work, all instructors go through a rigorous induction programme. The qualifications required of each educator vary depending on the places/age groups in which they operate and their role as part of our commitment to improving educational opportunities for teachers and ensuring high-quality outcomes for children.

Keeping Up with the Times

At Superheroes Early Learning, we value strong family ties and collaborative environments that foster programmes and input into decision-making.